Ohio, You may be breaking the law by warming up your car!

Did you know that according to Ohio Revised Code it is a misdemeanor to leave your car unattended while running?carkeys

According to the Ohio Revised Code, a vehicle may not be left unattended until the engine is stopped, the ignition is locked and the key is removed. The law also states the parking brake must be set and the wheels should be turned to the curb if the vehicle is left on a grade.

Emergency or public safety vehicles are exempt from those mandates.

At first glance you may say “That’s crazy” or “What?!” but I think this is a law we should take another look at.

There were 19,985 motor vehicle thefts in Ohio in 2011. What is more enticing for a theif than a warm running car with the keys in the ignition?car warming

Our taxes go to pay for the court costs associated with these crimes and our insurance rates go up due the claims from stolen vehicles. Therefore vehicle theft effects everyone and this law is a way to protect us.

As for the tires to the curb and the emergency brake part of the law, I personally know of one incident where an insured left car parked on an icy driveway where it slid into a tree. Doing damage to the vehicle and the tree.

So while it may seem silly and your initial reaction to hearing about this law may be irritation, it’s there to protect you and your assets. car window

What do you think?


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