To Young to be Concerned

  • time fliesAs I set and scroll through my Facebook news feed, I notice that today’s world that has become busier than ever. With families planning for Thanksgiving dinners and immediately filling the next day with the rush of buying for their children, family and acquaintances; it is amazing that we can get everything done with only 24 hours. It is very easy to take the day that we are living in for granted, and to look forward to the future, but we must remember that tomorrow is not a promise. This is a subject that is not an easy subject to discuss but in all is one that is very surreal and must not be avoided. The question I would like to ask is “how young is too young to be concerned?” Considering that death has no date, time, or schedule; there is no point at which we cannot be concerned. I believe that Benjamin Franklin said it best when he said that the only two things that are promised in life is death and taxes. Many young people feel that they have plenty of time to take care of things and life insurance is the last thing on their mind, but let me give you some advantages of buying life insurance at an early age.

    1. Youth means cheap! Many people are unaware that life insurance prices only increase with age; so purchasing insurance at a young age could not only save youyounger some money , but also provide a payment that is most likely cheaper than we spend eating out in one day.

    Health2. Health is everything! Most of the younger generations are at the healthiest that they will ever be, and with that being said healthy means hurry. Not all health conditions are insurable but once you are locked in to a life insurance policy that cannot cancel you for health reasons. This is very important to individuals that have a history of illness and disease in their family

    3. Student Loans! The loss of a child is enough to be concerned with not considering the fact that any unpaid student loans will be strapped onto the co-signer. This is a new wave in the insurance industry and a great one at that.student debt

    4. Funeral Expenses! The average funeral expense in today’s world is close to $10,000. Not only is this a lot of money to pay out, but it is a final expensesburden that should not be left. As a child is born it is smart to start them off right with a whole life insurance policy that would cover any funeral expenses.

    So as we go about our holiday seasons let’s remember to laugh, love, and live; while remembering that the more you know the better you can plan for what’s ahead!Happy Hollidays

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