Why do I need Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

One of the most asked questions I receive are “Why do I need Uninsured Motorist Coverage if it’s the law that everyone carries insurance?” Unfortunately, I have a personal story to tell on this one. It’s my biggest peeve and my favorite argument.jeannies car b4

It will be two years in February that I had my accident. I had spent a Sunday afternoon at the laundry mat washing my family’s clothes. I hadn’t eaten all day and had just picked up lunch from my favorite Italian restaurant. I was almost done for the day only a few miles from home. Did you know most accidents occur within 25 miles from home, In fact one in three takes place within a mile from where you live.

jeannies car

We all have that one neighbor who we know are an extra careful or extra slow driver and I happened to be behind him that day. I had just looked at my speedometer and thought at 45mph my food is going to be cold by the time I get to the house.

When I looked up I was in for  the shock of a lifetime. I saw a small car coming right at my neighbors’ truck. I instinctively slowed down knowing I would have to slam on the breaks in order to avoid the obvious collision I was about to witness. Only, at the last minute the driver of the car swerved to miss the oncoming truck and hit the ditch to her right. She didn’t stay in the ditch however, and in a panic she over corrected her car and hit me head on at an angle. My 09 Toyota corolla spinned in place twice before coming to rest in the correct lane, facing the opposite direction.jeannies car3

Having heard the horror stories of air bags (which Saved my life that day) my first thought was don’t breathe and get out of the car ASAP I didn’t know how bad the damages were or the risk of fire or explosion so I opened the door the minute it stopped spinning and jumped out onto the road. Once out I was dazed and confused.

Thankfully that neighbor of mine had stopped and came back to call 911. The ambulances came and took the other driver and myself to the jeannies car2hospital where we were treated and released. Now it was time for the Insurance side of this accident.

I got the awful news that she was uninsured about three days after the crash. I was thankful to know that I did have full coverage which included uninsured motorist coverage.  I would be responsible for my deductible and My Insurance Company would take care of the rest!

I had medical bills piling up and no vehicle to drive, which is when I received a call from my insurance adjuster. I was told to forward my medical bills to the claims department, I had rental coverage if I needed a rental car and they would even compensate me for the days I have off work due to my injuries!

My car was totaled, I received just enough money to pay it off. I was lucky enough to get a financed car through Toyota with no down payment!

In the state of Ohio it is the law to have Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability protection for each auto you own/drive.  To regulate the number of uninsured drivers, which is currently 16% here in Ohio, the BMV uses a Random Selection Program.Jeannie Farmers

Had I not had Uninsured motorist coverage I would have been out a car, a paycheck, money for doctor bills and no way to be reimbursed. SUE them you say well if they don’t own anything or work how are they going to pay you back, and then you’re also out attorney fees.  Ask me why you need uninsured motorist coverage and I will tell you MY STORY.

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